Link-mongering for fun and profit

One habit I’d like to extend into this space more regularly is the venerable linkdump, because I read incessantly and I like sharing what I’ve found. (See also: my Tumblr and, to a lesser extent, which I really should fix, my Twitter.)

Before we get started, though: yes, that is a 1912 Howitzer cannon on the front lawn of a house in Wicker Park. Chicago is awesome, full stop, love, the end.

Do you hate LinkedIn? The Baffler does too.

Do you hate unpaid internships? Matt Bors does too.

Do you love animals? Neko Case does too. (Also, I just really love Neko Case. I saw her live for the first time this past Friday, and I definitely need to write up my Hideout Block Party experience.)

Do you love Texas? My friend Terra does too.

Do you ever go “Whoa, I went to high school with that guy”? I do.

Do you ever go “I need a personal essay that will change my life”? Buzzfeed did.

Do you ever *chinhands* at other people’s thoughts on your favorite Shakespeare play? I do, because theroaringgirl really went to town on Cymbeline in the comments here.

Do you wish you could grow stuff and eat it? Growstuff is a social network that has you covered!

Do you ever wonder how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie for your particular taste? Handle the Heat did, with science!

Do you ever wish you were as excellent as Haitian writer Edwidge Danticat? I do; wow, she’s wonderful.


A thought from an old journal entry:

You know, I think I could really get behind the idea of household deities. Not like lares or anything, I mean the little suckers for whom you leave out a tray of milk at night and you come home and all your dishes are done.

What have you found lately that really tickles your fancy? Flaunt your finds in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Link-mongering for fun and profit”

    1. That couple had some (who am I kidding? many!) great stories about that — apparently one of the neighborhood kids who played on that Howitzer was Dan Rostenkowski, the big Congressional power broker.

    1. Right? Somebody’s got to have that job…

      Oh man, thank you! I love hearing the artist’s advice about not being so rigid, and what actually collaborating gave them both.

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