Wining, whining and winning with Matt Bellassai

We made the cover!

I spent New Year’s Eve with a guy who’s made his career getting drunk at his desk, and even though we were both sober, I had a fantastic time talking with him. Matt Bellassai is in Los Angeles tonight, because he’s a nominee for a People’s Choice Award (Favorite Social Media Star), but I hung out with him on a Thursday afternoon at the BuzzFeed office in Manhattan and talked about origin stories, Internet fame and why kids are the root of all evil. You can read all about it in today’s cover story at RedEye Chicago: Matt Bellassai’s guide to drinking (and whining) your way to the top. (To my delight, we also cast his biopic. I love his choice for starring role.)

That story includes exclusive video, as well as some behind-the-scenes photos of his star-making series, Whine About It. This much is true: Matt does drink an entire bottle of wine and then makes hilarious viral videos complaining about everything from pants to holiday parties to dealing with airplanes. It’s simple but effective — in addition to the PCA nomination, his videos have more than 150 million views, and the series only started last May.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Matt is a great pleasure to interview, that he’s both thoughtful and funny and that cutting down this interview was extra hard because of how much fun I had. Please enjoy these pictures, some of which didn’t make it into the article, and, because journalism is the beast that it is, feel free to share the article on the social media network(s) of your choice!




With director Jeremy Briggs, who really collaborates on the filming with him and draws out a great performance.


Detail from his desk
Detail from his desk
FYI, out the big window to the right of this image, you can see the top half of the Empire State Building.

Matt Bellassai’s guide to drinking (and whining) your way to the top (RedEye Chicago, Jan. 5, 2015)

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  1. […] Could I be more excited, even if I’m posting here a day later than intended? I’d love to find out. My story, “Matt Bellassai’s guide to drinking (and whining) your way to the top,” made the cover of the Chicago RedEye today. As someone who lived in Chicago for 12 years and who read that paper (and yelled about the crossword puzzle) nearly every day, this is just amazing. Even Bellassai is excited, and he’s in Los Angeles tonight as a nominee for a People’s Choice Award for Best Social Media Star. You can read more about him at the article (plus the fun sidebar where we cast his inevitable biopic), and see some behind-the-scenes exclusives that didn’t make it in over at my blog. […]

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