I won’t bring the particulars here; suffice it to say, a great deal has gone on since my last update, and with good reason, I’ve been focusing my energies elsewhere. That said, I miss this space, and am in the process of revising my approach, in order to make it easier for and on myself for writing and creating more. One thing I aim to change is the posting structure. The original plan — to write a personal essay and a creative response in the same week — worked well enough for the essay, but I found myself stalling and overthinking on the creative part, which is the part I’m more eager to explore. I’m going to unlink those, and not put so much pressure on myself to make a final product just so. (Easier said than done, but hey, saying’s the first part of the battle.)

Magpie & Whale is about fun and experimentation, or it should be, when you get down to it. I’m taking this weekend to brew up some new ideas and plans. For now, have a video that’s got me absolutely fascinated. I was never allowed to play video games when I was a kid: my parents were the archetypal “They’ll rot your brains!” type, so I never really got into them. Any dope could tell you that gaming has changed immensely since the early ’90s, and that the level of storytelling and complexity and beauty has, in many instances, skyrocketed. Limbo has me by the throat just with this one-minute video. I would be proud to come up with something this atmospheric and creepygorgeous. I can’t wait to find out more.

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