If the Black-Eyed Peas don’t do me in first

Admission: It has been a little quiet here. (Not as quiet as I’d like, though: I cannot get “Boom Boom Pow” out of my head, as anyone following my Twitter feed may have noticed.) My schedule got a little hectic, and with a family wedding coming up, it’s likely to get even more so. I’m still here, though, and making plots and plans. I have a backlog of creative stuff to get through, not to mention my hilarious list of projects that I’d love to be working on all at once. (Seriously, what’s with this “You need an income” thing? Where are the extra hours in the day?)


My project to-do list, the rabbit included

On the plus side, I had a fantastic weekend visit with a very dear friend from out of town, Fringe just got a fourth season, and these hot hot shoes came in the mail for me on Tuesday. So it’s not a total wash. I’m supposed to be taking it easy this weekend, which hopefully will translate into words on paper. I’ll take a note from the ever-excellent Stan Lee: Excelsior!


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