Esther and Jordan present The Shallow Project

“So… what’s with all the selfies?”

It’s true, my Instagram account has been more active lately. But in service of a great cause: The Shallow Project.

My friend Jordan and I are embarking on a quest this month. We’ve set out to tell stories using social media, flash fiction and dollar store-purchases. What’s the plot? You’ll have to follow along to find out — because since we’re also bringing bits of improv in, we’re going to surprise ourselves too.

But we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

People love to rag on selfies almost as much as they love to take them. (Hopefully you all know where I stand on the matter.) Really, though, we’re operating in a great tradition here.

Want to follow along? I live here on Instagram; Jordan lives here. Track #jesterly on Instagram to stay on top of new posts, or just keep coming back to our website. More social media infrastructure to come, but for now, you can get in on the ground floor.

Or, as one commenter put it, “Still not sure what’s going on, but your green dragon looks lovely.”

Yes she does, thank you, and she’ll be very happy to hear that.

The Shallow Project!

Seven weeks of selfies and I outran zombies too.

I did this this morning.
I did this this morning.

An amazing thing happened this morning. For the first time ever, I finished a 5K training routine. What began in August as a way to pass time during a month-long break actually sort of became an obsession. I get it now. I smell worse and feel better than I have in years. Running? Let’s be pals. You’re addictive. You’re great.

I’ve got to hand it to Zombies, Run! for achieving the impossible, by which I mean convincing me that voluntary physical activity is, in fact, fun and rewarding and not just something you should do because of crushing societal pressure. And while I hesitate to call this a journey, just because of the horrific cliche, there have been some stunning highs and hilarious misadventures along the way. (Lesson learned: If you buy a pair of running tights online and they feel like they might fall down, don’t try and run in them anyway.)

I thought I was going to make this post on Monday, and I did in fact have a really amazing run two days ago. (Forty-two minutes at a pace of 10:16, what! Who am I, and how did I come to brag like this?) But the final ZR 5K mission is deceptive: it seems to end nine minutes before it actually ends, so runners: once you do the thing, don’t stop the app. They don’t really tell you to run or walk or just stand there wheezing, but just. Wait for the little voice that says “Mission complete!”

That said, I’ve been embarking on an experiment since my last post about running. I wanted to see if I could see changes as I progressed through the program. I’ll let you decide if that’s the case. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy (and laugh at/with) this gallery of selfies taken at the end of each run since September 1. Myself, I’d call it a decisive victory!

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