Love you, Mom.

Credit: Anya Briggs (1994)
Credit: Anya Briggs (1994)

A request: if you knew my mom, or even just met her once, would you mind sharing a story or an impression of her in the comments? (Multiple stories more than acceptable, of course.) The funnier the better, but we’ll take the heartfelt/serious stuff too.

3 thoughts on “Love you, Mom.”

  1. I didn’t really know Judy. I knew her as Esther’s mom and friend to the Gribous. In fact, I had no idea that she even knew who I was. When my own mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer six years ago, I received a card from her telling me how sorry she was to hear about my mom and that if I needed a place to stay or someone to talk to she was around. “Even if you just need a homemade meal.” she wrote. I can’t begin to explain how much this meant to me. When my mom got sick, most people started to disappear- not knowing what to say or how to help. The fact that she reached out meant the world.

  2. What sticks in my memory most about your mother is the way she always greeted me – “Hi Kiddo!” I can hear her voice. Judy’s eyes were so happy as she gave that signature hello. Interacting with your mom, whether it be in sunny Scotland or in your kitchen, she was kind and genuine in her approach. I never got the impression she needed to give a fake smile or rush a conversation. Judy was a delight to be around and boy I just loved those warm greetings!

  3. My Mother wasn’t around when I was a student at AHS.For a while it wasn’t easy adjusting to High School life for me until I met Esther and the rest of the girls.
    And because I never had much of a Mother figure around,anyone’s Mom I would meet..I would grasp on to..whether it be for support,encouragement,a hug or even a simple Meal.
    And Judy sure was one of em.
    Whenever I walked over to Elmwood Place,she would be there..wishing me a huge warm Hello
    and always offering me something to drink and asking me to say some words in Malaysian so she would know a little 🙂

    Esther and I connected through the Music of Tori Amos,so when she released an album called Strange Little Girls..we would never fail to crack up whenever Judy asked us if the music we were listening to was ‘Strangled Little Girls’.

    And that’s how I will remember her..always humorous,always kind,always warm,always giving,always herself.

    Rest well,dear Auntie Judy.
    You will be dearly missed.

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