Good morning, Saturday

"This is happening."
“This is happening.”

I don’t actually know whose idea this was. I mean, I know I mentioned watching the sun rise on the rocks when I came to Evanston for geek camp in high school, but with the momentum of the night we were having, it just sort of became this thing we were going to do.

It was raining and humid and disgusting yesterday, but it seemed natural that it was so clear and perfect, once we got there. I didn’t question it, anyway. At that point it was a little after 5, and most if not all of us were coming up on having been awake for 24 straight hours. Someone asked if we were really going to wait here an hour to watch the sun rise, but in the end it wasn’t all that that hard.

Definitely one of the more iconic experiences of this past year. Thanks, Tanvi, Cara, Matt, Neil and Will. And happy birthdays.

2013-08-03 05.37.05
We’re done taking cool pictures, world. We’ve achieved it. Everyone can go home and sleep now.
Tanvi and the great wide open. Lake Michigan, you're the greatest.
Neil versus the end of the pier. Lake Michigan, you’re the greatest.
No Lebo M singing the Lion King song, but still pretty awesome.
No Lebo M singing the Lion King song happened, but it was still pretty awesome.

That was pretty great.

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