Regarding delays

I’ve alluded, on and off, to outside stresses that are keeping me from updating as regularly as I’d like. It’s gotten to the point where it makes less sense to avoid talking about what’s going on. So, here it is.

My mom has been dealing with brain cancer (glioblastomas) for about four years now. In November, she had a clean bill of health, but this past Monday, another MRI indicated that tumors are growing again. The physician who’s been in charge of her treatment since her diagnosis says that this is now an end-of-life conversation, and that she may have anywhere from two to six months to live.

My family is not giving up hope; there are several discussions now about second opinions and other options, including the possibility of seeking treatment at cancer centers out of state. Right now we are working to give her the best treatment and support that we can. I have tickets to fly home on Friday, but plans are still shifting.

This is the nightmare scenario, and it’s scary and it’s awful beyond words, but I can say this: the love and support of the people around us are overwhelming, and incredibly appreciated. It’s humbling. Thank you. Many times over, thank you.

What will this mean for Innogen and the Hungry Half? I don’t know yet. It may be that I work on it all the harder in order to have some way to be away from all this; it may be that I can’t focus at all, and Magpie & Whale becomes more nonfiction for a while. My intention is to try for the former, and the goal is still to finish the story by April, as the outline dictates. Readers, you have been so supportive and so patient and so encouraging; when so much else is going to pot, I absolutely appreciate that kindness and enthusiasm.

So, that’s that. I suspect I’ll be writing about it again as we go forward, but I just wanted to stop being oblique. This is no longer something I can keep separate. Thanks again for sticking around.


4 thoughts on “Regarding delays”

  1. I’ve been in your shoes and it royally sucks. My dad’s time was less, but it’s still a shock and it’s difficult to prepare for. I’ll be praying for you and feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you’d like. I know we don’t talk much on there, but I have a good ear for listening. (((((hugs)))))

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