Let’s call it a settling-in period.

Becoming a knitting superstar is not in my immediate future either.

Behind already! I’m trying not to get too down on myself for not keeping to schedule right out of the gate. To be fair, I had a magnificent burst of inspiration for last week‘s would-be work: a children’s story that I’ve been meaning to write since this summer. But, and this has long been a mental block for me, paranoia got the better of me. I began fretting about how to protect my work, how to ensure that no one would steal it or republish it without my permission or any of a number of control-losing scenarios in which I would, of course, be left with no recourse but to wallow in my helplessness in the face of an unkind, uncaring internet. Pretty good story, right?

On the other hand, it made me start to make stabs at a privacy/sharing policy and investigate Creative Commons licenses. I also took a bunch of notes on a page I’d like to make a permanent feature of this blog, in which I talk about two of my most formative storytelling experiences, and about how they’re not what you might think they are, and why that’s important. It will be great! This week’s essay and creation are also already underway, so I’m getting better (cheers, Lennon and McCartney).

What I think I’m working up to is thanking you all for your patience and support. It’s true! Thank you. I am looking forward to getting some writing done.

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